Get Inspired – Twilight Cycle – Diptych 2

Today we turn the notion of motion capture a bit on it’s head.

Twilight Cycle – Diptych 2
Twilight Cycle - Diptych 2, ©James Guerin Twilight Cycle – Diptych 2, ©James Guerin

Often times in pinhole photography we see motion used to bring an inescapable sense of drama to an image. For this image, James chose to mount his pinhole camera to the very object in motion. The result, as I’m sure you’ll agree, is absolutely wonderful. Well done!

More of James’ work can be found on Flickr. Notably, James is the man behind the Reality So Subtle pinhole cameras – a brand that has gained quite a bit of notoriety (and has been used to great effect on some of the images featured on ƒ/D as well).


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