Olle Pursiainen – Finland

Last year we were honored to bring you a sample of Olle Pursiainen’s work. He is a photographer who has a solid track record of producing dramatic imagery from his native Finland. As his Flickr and Lomography galleries show, he’s become very skilled at finding great images to collect in his own neighborhood. As we’ve seen before, Finland works very well in the pinhole format.  

Olle started his photographic journey while studying Statistics and Mathematics at University in the 1970’s. He learned to develop film and work a darkroom on his own, and continued analog until the early 2000’s. After a brief stint with digital, he went back to analog – preferring to stick with his roots. He’s often lugging several of his many many pinhole cameras – from small format to 4×5 – as well as point and shoots and SLR’s. I have the same problem – so long as there’s room in my pack, I’ll stuff it with another camera.

He is drawn to pinhole because of the “freedom to control everything and nothing.” Indeed, this is one of the largest attractions of pinhole, and has been mentioned by other photographers as well. In addition, Olle is drawn to the pinhole format by the “wide angles and warped perspectives,” which offer a degree of creative outlet unrivaled by any other photographic format.

After enjoying the scenes from Olle’s work below, you can find a lot more at his Flickr page and on his Lomography home.


Pack Ice
Pack Ice, ©Olle Pursiainen Pack Ice, ©Olle Pursiainen


Brändö Sund
Brändö Sund, ©Olle Pursiainen Brändö Sund, ©Olle Pursiainen


Double Sun
Double Sun, ©Olle Pursiainen Double Sun, ©Olle Pursiainen



Sandö, ©Olle Pursiainen Sandö, ©Olle Pursiainen


Self Sufficiency
Self Sufficiency, ©Olle Pursiainen Self Sufficiency, ©Olle Pursiainen


The Southern Customs
The Southern Customs, ©Olle Pursiainen The Southern Customs, ©Olle Pursiainen


Korsholm Church
Korsholm Church, ©Olle Pursiainen Korsholm Church, ©Olle Pursiainen


Observation Towers
Observation Towers, ©Olle Pursiainen Observation Towers, ©Olle Pursiainen



Vaasa Mill
Vaasa Mill, ©Olle Pursiainen Vaasa Mill, ©Olle Pursiainen


Silos, ©Olle Pursiainen Silos, ©Olle Pursiainen



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