Inspiration Week of 8/15

Welcome to this week’s set of pinhole inspiration! It’s been a busy week – as the Call for Entry came to a close, we got a flood of GREAT work! We’re very excited about this upcoming project. Don’t stress if you entered and haven’t heard back yet – we have some catching up to do!

Low Season
Low Season, ©Vincenzo Caniparoli 2016 Low Season, ©Vincenzo Caniparoli 2016

Vincenzo Caniparoli made this image recently in Sardinia, Italy as part of his work looking at popular holiday locations during the less popular hours. He used his homemade 4×5 camera with Fomapan 100 to capture the reminiscent scene. You can find more of Vincenzo’s wonderful work on his personal website and his Flickr page.

Untitled, ©Petr Stul 2016 Untitled, ©Petr Stul 2016

Petr Stul provides us this beautiful rushing scene that pulls you in close. You can find more of his work on Live Journal, Facebook, 500px, and Flickr.

Lunargraphy in summer
Lunargraphy in Summer, ©Dirk Ahrens 2016 Lunargraphy in Summer, ©Dirk Ahrens 2016

Dirk Ahrens produced this lunargraphy photo as a first attempt, and a quite wonderful one at that. The experience has taught him a lot, which he’ll use to produce more. The moon stayed low in the sky because of the summer latitude. You can find more of his work, which will soon include more recent lunargraphs, on his Flickr page.

Pordenack Point
Pordenack Point, ©Mark Rowell 2016 Pordenack Point, ©Mark Rowell 2016

Mark Rowell made serene this photo with his Zero Image 45 loaded with New55 film from Pordenack Point looking across Zawn Trevilley towards Carn Boel. He has more great imagery on his Flickr profile.

Trouville crépuscule
Trouville Crépuscule, ©Etienne Boissise 2016 Trouville Crépuscule, ©Etienne Boissise 2016

Etienne Boissise likes how “pinhole sets you free from the ordinary eye’s perception” and how holding the camera over a long exposure involves the hand and body in a way that other forms lack. The result in this beach scene is extraordinary. You can find more of Etienne’s work on Flickr.

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