Inspiration week of 9/19

Forth-Bridge, ©Rudi Neumaier 2016 Forth Bridge, ©Rudi Neumaier 2016

Rudi Neumaier is a talented and prolific photographer that used his Reality So Subtle camera to make this photo of Forth Bridge, which is 9 miles west of Edinburgh City Centre. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s just over 125 years old. Rudi has a lot of work available online, between his Flickr site and his personal website – I highly recommend a look.

Beach, ©Thomas Fitt 2016 Beach, ©Fitt Tamás 2016

We previously featured a photo from Fitt Tamás back in the week of 7/18. As before, he used his Natasha 612 to make the capture, but this time on Delta 100 film. The photo was taken at the Lake of Balaton, the largest lake in Hungary, as people walked in and out of the water. People’s unfamiliarity with pinhole cameras allowed him to photograph the scene without interrupting the people there. Tamás has some amazing work on his Flickr profile that is definitely worth looking at.

Eighty Minutes Of The Night
Eighty Minutes of the Night, ©Eric Li 2016 Eighty Minutes of the Night, ©Eric K.F. Li 2016

Eric Li made this excellent capture over the course of 80 minutes, as the title suggests, using his Ondu 6×12 and TMAX 100. It’s a stunning example of what can be done with pinhole at night with a little patience. Coincidentally, Eric was also previously featured on the 7/18 weekly post! He’s an extremely talented photographer – with or without lens – and you should check out his Flickr profile to see what he’s been up to since we last featured him.

Pinhole Pittsburgh 1
Pinhole Pittsburgh 1, ©Dennis Salizzoni 2016 Pinhole Pittsburgh 1, ©Dennis Salizzoni 2016

Dennis Salizzoni made this moody image of the Roberto Clemente bridge in Pittsburgh, PA with his ZeroImage 6×9 loaded with Acros 100. Dennis has a very stylistic trend in his Flickr profile, with great lensed and lensless work to be seen.

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