ƒ/D Book of Pinhole Reaches Kickstarter Goal!

We’re ecstatic to break the news that, as of about midnight (EST) December 2, the ƒ/D crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter reached the $7,500 goal! This goal level covers all the necessary expenses to print and distribute the books and other backer rewards. The ƒ/D book, which has been a dream for months, and now it will become a reality.

We’re unendingly grateful to the photographers who have contributed their photos to make this book possible, and all the backers who’ve believed in us so far.

Great news for those who’ve not yet joined this effort: there’s still time to back this project! Backing the project will get you the best price and delivery timeframe for the book, and it’s the only opportunity you’ll have to get the Press Signature!

Click here to view and back the project now!

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