What’s next for f/D!

Here at ƒ/D World Headquarters, we’re anxiously awaiting the shipment of books from our successful Kickstarter campaign. If you were a part of that overwhelming success, thank you! If you missed it, watch this space, as we’ll have extra copies to sell here.

Quarterly Magazine Update

Some readers may recall our plans to pivot ƒ/D into a quarterly magazine. While the Kickstarter took more time and energy away from this effort than we originally planned, we’ve not forgotten!

For those that don’t recall: ƒ/D started as a pinhole blog with an aggressive publishing schedule that had weekly and even, at times, daily postings. Over the past 2 years, we’ve worked to find that right balance between pace and normal life responsibilities. As we come to a close on the effort for our pinhole book, we’ve settled on a quarterly pace as the most sustainable. We’ll continue to bring quality pinhole content, but published every few months. Editions will be online for free, with print and ebook options as well.

And that brings us to the next exciting thing: it’s time for us to ask for content for the the quarterly!

Do you have an article idea? A pinhole photography project to share? Perhaps a how-to? Even a single image to share for publication? We want to hear from you – post haste! Please don’t be shy. The pinhole community is one with open arms, and chances are that if you think your idea, project, or article is neat – others will too.

Please send submissions to: info [at] fslashd.com

Accepted contributors will receive a token of our gratitude.

One thought on “What’s next for f/D!

  1. Super excited to see this in print!
    Just got back from the UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi – where I shot 10 rolls of pinhole in 6×6 and 6×9. Can’t wait to see what happened on my films!

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