Current Status

Friends in Pinholing:

We’ve been a little quiet on the site lately, but it’s not for a lack of effort at ƒ/D World Headquarters. We’re taking this space here to provide some rolling updates rather than continuing to fill the site with site updates. Please watch this post as it will be updated in the weeks to come.

Book of Pinhole

Call for Entry

  • We’ve opened a rolling Call for Entry to participate in the Quarterly publication of ƒ/D
  • To get more details and enter, view the Call for Entry page


  • Starting in June 2017, ƒ/D will be published on a quarterly basis
  • The quarterly will be online (free) as well as available for sale in print and eBook formats
  • We aim to continue providing quality inspiration as well as guidance on technique and equipment (in that order)

Any questions about what’s going on? Throw it in the comments and we’ll reply directly or update here.

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