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Would you like to be featured in ƒ/D? Know a photographer we should be talking about? We’d love to hear from you!

We’re working to grow a showcase of great pinhole photography so that others can share in our joy of the pinhole aesthetic. Our mission is to promote the unique pinhole way of seeing by showcasing pinhole photographers and their perspectives.

ƒ/D is transitioning to a quarterly magazine format, and we’ll soon be publishing both to the website and to a print edition. We’re excited to make this change and the new opportunities for pinhole it brings. If you’d like your work to be included, send us your work under the following guidelines for consideration.

Our minimum guidelines are pretty straightforward

  • A pinhole must have been used for at least part of the image creation
  • Single images are accepted for a gallery section
  • Minimum of 5 images required to be considered for an artist feature or interview
  • The final images must be a minimum of 2400 pixels on their longest edge, and exported at the highest quality setting
  • The images should drive towards an aesthetic or artistic purpose
  • Please include your stated permission for ƒ/D to reproduce the images both online and in print

To be featured, please send the following info:

  • Your name
  • Your website address (or photo sharing profile)
  • A description of your work
  • URL’s or attachments so that we can view the work

Send this info to us at

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