Get Inspired – Old Tree No. 4 (In the fog)

If you’ve spent much time in the country, you can identify with today’s featured pinhole photo.

Old Tree No. 4 (In the fog)
[singlepic id=53]Old Tree No. 4 (In the Fog), Zero Image 6×7, Delta 100, ©Daniel Guy 2015[/singlepic]

Daniel Guy captured this wonderful image with his Zero Image 6×7, showing a tree that has been the subject of his pinhole photos a couple other times as well (here, here, and here). Often it’s wonderful to capture the same subject multiple times from different angles and under different lighting or weather conditions.

As Daniel explained to me, he shoots for narrative rather than for the spectacular. Shooting the same subject over days or months is a great way to tell a narrative about that subject, and perhaps about the viewer. He is surprised to find that this is often the favorite view of the tree, when his favorite view is often #1 – a preference and perspective that says as much about us individually as it does about the subject.

More of Daniel’s work can be found on Flickr.