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August Recap

August has been an exciting month! Not only did we bring some of the content recapped below, but we closed on our first Call for Entry! It was a lot of fun working with so many great photographers – on a daily basis we got to see fresh work come in. We’re incredibly excited to launch our Kickstarter for the resulting book. It will show work from 100 photographers, produced with offset printing. In addition, we’ve got some very exciting ideas for unique pieces to collect from the Kickstarter, and truly cannot wait to show these great artists to the world!


Forest Stream - Alexander Popov - thumbAs usual, we brought a lot of great inspiration. You can view August photos, as well as all previous months, in the Features Gallery

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CONTACTS_london_lissabon_07 - Markus Kaesler - thumbWe kicked off August in a jet-setting way with Markus Kaesler’s amazing double exposures that explore the relationships between cities

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IMG_0981We reviewed some techniques on how to get even more accuracy from your phone’s lightmeter app

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NO_LENS_ATHENS_Antonis_Kioupliotis-Athens-Academy - thumbFinally, we featured Antonis Kioupliotis’s excellent hand held exploration of Athens, Greece

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July Recap

July was a busy month! We covered a lot of ground in pinhole – opening up some very interesting perspectives and adding to our catalog of technical articles. Check below to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Have you responded to our Call for Entry? If not, have a look! Entry is free!

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Brussels Rd Point - Rue Antoine Labarre - Jeanus Loctet - thumbAs always, we found some great fresh pinhole work. You can see July’s full gallery and links to past months here.

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Ljusets Hastighet - Lena Källberg 2016 - thumbWe explored the impressionistic views of life slipping by in Lena Källberg’s Decisive Movement work.

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NEW DAY - Michael D Hawley - thumbWe interviewed Michael D Hawley, the talented professional photographer from the Pacific Northwest, and learned how he grew up in photography and how it shaped his pinhole work.

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On the Move - Howard Mosier - thumbHoward Moiser brought us a new perspective on movement in his Relative Movement series.

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Finally, guest author Delio Ansovini shared with us his journey in IR pinhole, and shared some great data to get you started exploring the medium yourself.

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June Recap

June 2016 was a great month here at ƒ/D. We spent the month mostly on educational topics, and I expect that July will be more focused on the artists. Here’s a look back on what was covered, in case you missed anything:


Pinhole No.1 - Christian Schaus - thumbWe added a healthy bunch to our collection of favorite inspiring pinhole photos. I’m happy to say that the quality of pinhole photos being produced today is, on the whole, elevating quite a bit. I’m inspired every day by your creativity!

IMG_0739We revisited the topic of smartphone apps for pinhole photography, noting some new features and a new player in the market.


Sagrada Familia - thumbWe interviewed the magnificent Jana Obscura and learned about her unique perspectives in pinhole and pinhole community.


IMG_0664-thumbWe covered the conversion of a Holga camera into a pinhole camera, demonstrating some of the techniques that are useful for other camera conversions as well.


f/D - Exploring the art of pinhole photographyFinally, we answered some of the most common questions that new pinholers have about the artform, to help the uninitiated get started.


Thanks for sticking with us! Look forward to great things coming in June and beyond!



May Recap

May 2015 saw some great pinhole action at ƒ/D! In case you missed it, here’s what happened:

Jan Geisen - 1 - smallMay 1: We highlighted Jan Geisen’s work that focused on stormy action both inside and outside of the camera.

May 6: We covered some baseline information to help you choose the type of pinhole camera that you might like to build.

May 8: We published our interview with Paul Barden, and learned about what drives his wonderful vision.

May 13: We covered some tips on how to be more mobile with your pinhole gear, because having your pinhole cameras with you is the first step to pinholing more!

Luca Baldassari - 2014.08.13_120c_ufsank_norway_sea.and.clouds - smallMay 15: Luca Baldassari showed us his sublime photos of the North Cape.

May 20: Guest author Delio Ansovini contributed a wonderful article about camera geometry, and how understanding it can help you get a grip on your composition.

May 22: We shared Nicolas Turlais’s exquisite vision of backcountry aloneness.

May 27: We shared a conversation with Eddie Erdmann about his mastery of the changing light of the low sun.

May 29: We published our conversation between associate editor Libby Selinsky and pinhole photographer Diane Peterson, where she provided great insight into her creative process and the path she took to her unique style of photography.

Finally, we’ve been delighted to continue promoting some of the best pinhole photography available:

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All images on this page are copyright protected by the respective artists.

April Recap

April 2015, the inaugural month for ƒ/D, was quite the month! In case you missed it, here’s what happened:

April 10: ƒ/D launched! And what a launch it’s been! The support and reaction from the pinhole photography community has been huge. We’re more encouraged than ever about what’s to come!

Delio Ansovini - cala lilly - smallApril 17: We highlighted Delio Ansovini’s wonderful pinhole still life photography.

April 20: We wrote up a quick overview of some of the most popular cameras available. Coming soon will be coverage of camera building and modifications

April 22: We covered multi-lapse exposures and how to leverage them for your creative purposes.

Scott Speck - The Mad Scientist - smallApril 24: We had a talk with Scott Speck about how he came to pinhole photography and what drives his creative vision.

April 26: We celebrated Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day with you!

April 29: We explained the concept of Circles of Confusion and how, once understood, the concept can be utilized to better realize your creative vision.

And finally, we’ve been proud to bring you some great pinhole inspiration for every day of the month:

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All images on this page are copyright protected by the respective artists.