Get Inspired – The Two Towers

Today’s wonderful photo highlights some wonderful instant technique!

The Two Towers
[singlepic id=57 w=600]The Two Towers, Impossible Project PQ 8×10 emulsion lift onto watercolor paper, ©Herschel Pollard 2015[/singlepic]

Herschel Pollard made this remarkable image in Nashville, TN. Those who’ve played with instant films much will recognize the use of emulsion lift technique. In this case, Herschel used 8×10 instant film from the Impossible Project company – a company that was started after Polaroid went out of business, with the goal of continuing the production of Polaroid films. This is a wonderful example of combining alternative techniques – first with the capture via pinhole, and then with the final “print” via the emulsion lift.
Herschel has been shooting pinhole for about ten years. You can follow him on Twitter, or find more of his work on his Square Peg Pinhole Blog, and on Flickr. In addition, he’s been working on a major project called Next Best Thing Pinhole, which has been featuring some great pinhole work, including some great pieces by Scott Speck.