Get Inspired – Under the Trees

We welcome back Marko Umicevic for today’s contribution.

Under the Trees
[singlepic id=121 w=600]Under the Trees, Custom Panoramic Camera, Paper Negative, ©Marko Umicevic 2015[/singlepic]

If you’ve been following ƒ/D for some time now, you may recall Marko’s image, Wild Coast that we featured in April. Under the Trees was made using the same custom panoramic paper negative based camera. Marko shot this at the courtyard of the Student Center in Zagreb. At the right is the French Pavillon, dating from early 60s and nowadays is mostly used for exhibitions and site-specific sound installation.

You can find more of Marko’s wonderful images from in and around his native Croatia on Flickr and his ImageKind space.