Eddie Erdmann – Alaskan Pinholes

Eddie Erdmann has traveled to many places since he left his home in Turnerville, Alabama. And while he has enjoyed seeing the world; nothing has enlightened him in the way that Alaska has. Alaska has been well known for its captivating beauty and overt, untamed landscapes. To Eddie, Alaska spoke clearly and drew out the photographer that he had hiding inside. We at f/D have an immense gratitude towards Alaska for cultivating the deep curiosity and creativity that is Eddie Erdmann.

Spend some time taking note of the great scenery, from the vast highway to the creamy water flow falling through the woods. Alaska likes to show her legs and they are beautiful.

[singlepic id=183 w=600]Rails to Girdwood[/singlepic]
Taken on the Alaska Railroad tracks just north of Girdwood, with Mount Alyeska in the distance.

[singlepic id=180 w=600]Alyeska[/singlepic]
From the first roll of film put through Eddie’s Reality So Subtle 6×17, Eddie took this in August 2014 while showing his visiting mother around Alaska.

[singlepic id=182 w=600]Matanuska Glacier 2[/singlepic]
Taken on an exploration of the Matanuska Glacier in August 2014.

[singlepic id=184 w=600]Virgin Creek Falls[/singlepic]
In Girdwood, Alaska, soon after the Alyeska Ski Resort photo was taken.

[singlepic id=181 w=600]Ghost Spruce Forest[/singlepic]
A subject that pulls at Eddie every time he sees it, these spruce trees died after the earth subsided during the 1964 Alaskan Earthquake, which was the strongest ever recorded in North America (magnitude 9.2). The salt water of Cook Inlet preserved the trees, and their corpses still stand to this day. 

[singlepic id=179 w=600]Alaska Highway Yukon[/singlepic]
Taken in the Yukon, Canada last winter. The highway is largely deserted at that time of year, allowing for some long exposures without interruption.

More of Eddie’s work can be found on Flickr and his personal portfolio site.