Get Inspired – LaCity

Pascal Grandet provides today’s inspiration with converging lines and a vertigo inducing perspective.

[singlepic id=6]LaCity, Zero Image 2000, Fuji Acros, 30 seconds, ©Pascal Grandet 2015[/singlepic]

Pascal captured this image with the help of his Zero Image 2000, loaded with Fuji Acros. A 30 second exposure provides the exquisite tonal scale. He’s been shooting pinhole photos for about 6 years now, and favors Fuji Acros and Kodak Portra films.

This image was featured for it’s exacting composition – from the converging lines to the row of triangles taking you ever deeper. It shows you don’t always need a viewfinder to nail a shot!

Pascal can be found on Flickr.


Get Inspired – The Temple Bar

Today’s dose of pinhole inspiration is provided by Brendan Comey.

The Temple Bar
[singlepic id=5]The Temple Bar, Zero Image 4×5, Tri-X, 20 second exposure, ©Brendan Comey[/singlepic]

Brendan captured this unique street scene with his Zero Image 4×5 with a 120 back and Tri-X film.

We chose to share Brendan’s photo because it shows how well pinhole’s unique perspective can play on a subject traditionally dominated by snappy 35mm cameras. In this case, a 20 second exposure provides a glimpse of the social activity and energy of the scene. Cheers!

Brendan can be found on his blog, Facebook, and Flickr.

Get Inspired – Oostende, Belgium

Rudi Vandeputte brings us this slice of pinhole dreaminess.

Oostende, Belgium
[singlepic id=4]Oostende, Belgium, Olympus Pen w/Wanderlust pinhole cap, ISO200, ©Rudi Vandeputte 2015[/singlepic]

Rudi likes to work with his Olympus Pen camera, set up with a Wanderlust pinhole cap and a Gorillapod – an enviably mobile configuration for sure!

We chose to share Rudi’s pinhole photo because of how well the format fits this subject. The natural vignetting of the pinhole, and the soft focus, highlights a feeling on this beachfront scene that evokes memories of childhood vacations. Enjoy!

Rudi can be found on Twitter and Flickr


Get Inspired – Sunrise on Biloxi Bay

Today’s pinhole inspiration is provided by Eddie Erdmann’s amazing capture of a spectacular sunrise on Biloxi Bay.

Sunrise on Biloxi Bay
[singlepic id=3]Sunrise on Biloxi Bay, Reality So Subtle 6×17 pinhole camera, Fuji Velvia 50, ©Eddie Erdmann[/singlepic]

For this image, Eddie used his Reality So Subtle 6×17 camera with Fuji Velvia film. Eddie captured this stunning scene while standing at the top of the Biloxi Bay Bridge, which connects Ocean Springs and Biloxi, Mississippi.

We chose Eddie’s image for this piece of inspiration because it is a fantastic example of the unique movement and color that can be captured with a pinhole camera. The subject matter also plays perfectly into his choice of an ultra-wide format camera.

Eddie can be found on Twitter, Flickr, and his website.


Get Inspired – Pike Place Market

Here on ƒ/D, we plan on sharing a regular dose of inspiration. For our first inspiration post, we’ll share one of our own. This image was shot by Kier Selinsky at Pike Place Market, Seattle, with a Zero Image 6×9 on Fuji Acros film. Cheers!

Pike Place Market
[singlepic id=49 float=center]Pike Place Market, Seattle, Zero Image 6×9, Fuji Acros – ©Kier Selinsky 2015[/singlepic]


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Welcome to ƒ/D! We are here to enhance and explore the art of pinhole photography. This blog is brand new – launched in April of 2015 – and born from a love of pinhole photography.

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