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Get Inspired – Carrousel à la Place Ducale – Charleville-Mézières

Today’s featured photo is dizzying in it’s energy!

Carrousel à la Place Ducale – Charleville-Mézières
[singlepic id=56]Carrousel à la Place Ducale – Charleville-Mézières, Zero Image 2000, TMax 100, ©Joël Lintz 2015[/singlepic]

This wonderful capture of a carousel in the French town of Charleville-Mézières was produced by Joël Lintz. We love the use of pinhole to grab the motion and energy of this fun childhood memory! Clearly, as we’ve seen before, one can get some fantastic results when the fair is in town!

More of Joël’s work can be found on Flickr.


Get Inspired – Kirmes

Today’s featured pinhole photo comes Germany!

[singlepic id=19]Kirmes, Lochkamera DIY, Fomaspeed N311, ©Jan Geisen[/singlepic]

Jan Geisen shot this surreal image of a ferris wheel at the funfair Cranger Kirmes in Germany, which is an annual 10 day fair and the second largest fair in Germany.

We chose to feature Jan’s image because of the unusual effect that the motion had on the presentation of the image. The blurred ferris wheel cars make the wheel itself to pop off of the image, almost like a drop shadow. Wonderful unexpected things happen in the world of pinhole!!

You can find more of Jan’s work on lomography.com