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Publishing Update

Dearest Readers,
It’s been just over 2 months since ƒ/D was launched, and what a fun 2 months it’s been! In the time since we started, we’ve been able to cover some great topics, feature awesome artists, and conduct some great interviews. I’m very proud of the work that we’ve done to date. Most importantly, the overwhelming support from you, our readers, has been just tremendous. When I started this site, I expected a couple hundred visitors every month – you rank in the thousands!

Unfortunately, it’s come at a cost. My energy for pursuing my own pinhole photography has taken a hit. My cameras are sad, and my film is begging to be exposed. Mainly, it’s the dailies. The Featured Photos. The energy to go seek, curate, and summarize great pinhole photography, while tremendously rewarding and enlightening, takes a ton of time. I knew this schedule was going to be somewhat aggressive when I started, and the time’s come to dial it back, but just a tad.

In the past couple months, you’ve come to expect daily featured photos; technique articles every Wednesday; and an artist feature or interview on Fridays. Going forward, we’re going to replace the daily featured photos with a curation piece every Monday. Rather than a daily dose, we’ll give you a heap on Mondays, consisting of a number of featured photos that we’ve selected. So in summary, our new publishing schedule will be:

  • Mondays: Curated photo post of a handful of great pinhole photos
  • Wednesdays: technique articles
  • Fridays: artist feature or interview

I have a suspicion that this might help you, our readers, as well because it will give you more mental space to consider the featured photos and their significance.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated, whether in the comments, through Facebook, or Twitter. I hope that this will be seen as a positive step and, if it turns out it wasn’t, I’ll take every action I can to course correct.

Yours in Friendship,
Kier Selinsky
Founder/Editor, ƒ/D