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Inspiration Week of 5/9

Every week on ƒ/D we scour the web for some fine examples of pinhole photography to inspire you to get out and shoot some pinholes of your own. This week is no exception, as we bring you examples of great captures and a very happy accident.

After you take a gander at these, if you still more, we have you covered!

Salthouse 2015
[singlepic id=323 w=600]Salthouse 2015, ©Andrew Bartram 2016[/singlepic]

Andrew Bartram made this captured this minimalist scene using his Intrepid Camera fitted with a pinhole and a 1 minute exposure, then printed on Ilford MGRC. You can find more of his work on his Flickr page.


Bilbao’s Guggenheim
[singlepic id=321 w=600]Bilbao’s Guggenheim, ©Paco Casado Cepas 2016[/singlepic]

Paco Casado Cepas created this photo in bad weather, at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain, and without the aid of a tripod to steady his cylindrical tea can pinhole camera. The wind blew his camera off a railing during his 12 minute exposure. As Paco explains:

I was very surprised when I developed at home and saw such an interesting image. Chance, the unexpected, is from that moment not an enemy anymore to me. Actually I consider random exploring as part of the pinhole game, a different way of making images apart from the photography industry. Although we measure light, pinhole diameter and set up our cameras in a certain position, the intention of the photographer melts with the inaccurate and let something not expected ‘happen’. As Vilem Flusser wrote, “pinhole photography becomes less a program and more an act.”

You can find more of Paco’s work on his Flickr page.


[singlepic id=324 w=600]Vibration, ©Nicolas 2016[/singlepic]

Nicolas Escoubeyrou captured the essence of this rowboat scene using his Noon pinhole camera loaded with FP4. Nicolas is using pinhole to aid his exploration of analog photography and various film formats. You can find more of his work on his Flickr page.


No Title
[singlepic id=322 w=600]No Title, ©Gabor Pal 2016[/singlepic]

Gabor Pal used to use software to manipulate or even damage his photos to create a mood, but now with pinhole he has no need for post-production manipulation. He made this scenic capture with his Zero Image 2000 and Portra 400. You can find more of his work on his Flickr page.



Get Inspired – Calatrava’s Bridge

Enjoy this convergence of lines for today’s featured pinhole photo.

Calatrava’s Bridge
[singlepic id=142 w=600]Calatravas Bridge, ©François-Xavier Lantrua 2015[/singlepic]

François-Xavier Lantrua is a native of Hyères, France, where he enjoys making various high quality pinhole cameras. This photo expresses a wonderful perspective of the Alamillo bridge over Guadalquivir river in Seville, by architect Santiago Calatrava. François-Xavier used his custom multi-format for this photo.

You can find more of François-Xavier’s work on his Flickr page.


Get Inspired – House

Today’s photo takes us into the world of wetplate collodion!

[singlepic id=22]House, Leonardo Pinhole Camera, Wetplate Collodion on black glass, ©Joanna Epstein[/singlepic]

Joanna Epstein made this wonderful image in La Rioja, Spain. She used her Leonardo 4×5 camera to produce the image on wetplate collodion with black glass. The combination of techniques produces a truly one of a kind image!

We chose this image because of the way Joanna combined pinhole photography with wetplate collodion in order to produce the image she envisioned. Combining pinhole with various techniques can produce wonderful results!

Joanna can be found on Flickr, Twitter, and Blogger.