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Get Inspired – Blue Lake

I want to sit by the edge of this small lake all day…

Blue Lake
[singlepic id=122 w=600]Blue Lake, Zero 45 w/Graflex 23 back, Kodak Ektar, ©Moni Smith 2015[/singlepic]

Moni Smith made this wonderful capture at Blue Lake, Portland, Oregon – a city that surprises with so many quiet places of understated beauty such as this. She made this shot with her Zero Image 45 in the 25mm configuration and a Graflex 23 back loaded with Kodak Ektar 100. For a long time I’ve shot Fuji color, but something about the tonality of Ektar these days has got me rolling in that direction now.

More of Moni’s work can be found on Flickr, her personal blog, and her pinhole blog that she runs with some friends, Pinhole Obscura.


Get Inspired – Blick auf Alster II

This moody pinhole photo of the day comes Germany.

Blick auf Alster II
[singlepic id=52]Blick auf Alster II, Bomboo pinhole camera, Fuji Velvia 50, ©左眼對焦 (Cheng-I Chien) 2015[/singlepic]

This wide angle water scene was produced by Cheng-I Chien in the waters of Hamburg, Germany. The choice of Velvia, which normally has a blue cast in longer exposures, is perfect in the way it brings out the subtle marks of red on the boat.

More of Cheng-I’s work can be found on Flickr.

Get Inspired – Tied Up

Gunnar Eld brings this maritime scene from the icy shores of Stockholm.

Tied Up
[singlepic id=39 w=600]Tied Up, Ondu 6X6, Fuji Acros 100, ©Gunnar Eld 2015[/singlepic]

When I lived in Seattle there were many days that were cold, drizzly, and hazy. It was like a blanket everywhere, but especially by the water. Gunnar’s image evokes that chilly yet comforting sensation perfectly.

You can find more of Gunnar’s work on his Flickr page and personal site.


Get Inspired – Höfn

Today’s featured pinhole photo was taken in the amazing Icelandic landscape.

[singlepic id=38]Höfn, ©Patrick T O’Reilly 2015[/singlepic]

Usually I write up the synopsis of these, but Patrick O’Reilly did a pretty good job himself when he sent in the photo:

Last summer I boxed up my cheap 80’s Peugeot bicycle and flew from France to Iceland with the plan of seeing how far I could ride in 2 weeks. I met up with an English friend of mine at keflavik airport and we started riding along the south coast, taking on the rain and headwinds, and wild camping along the way.  After 4 days of riding my knee got the better of me so we found a car, threw bikes in the back and continued the adventure on 4 wheels.

We chose this photo because of the painterly effect that pinhole lent to the wonderfully craggy landscape of Iceland. Well done!

Patrick can be found on Flickr.


Get Inspired – Camp Tecumseh

Today’s featured photo reminds us of simple pleasures.

Camp Tecumseh
[singlepic id=37]Camp Tecumseh, Ondu 6×6, ©Jeff McConnell 2015[/singlepic]

Jeff McConnell captured this warm scene with his wonderful Ondu 6×6 pinhole camera (mentioned in our camera roundup!). The leaves on some of the trees just starting to turn for Fall, and inviting chairs on the dock, make you want to just kick an afternoon away laughing with a friend and watching the clouds pass by.

This photo was chosen because of the way the pinhole feel adds to the vignette of fond memories.

Jeff’s images can be found on Flickr and on his personal website.


Get Inspired – Scapa Pier

Today’s feature is a haunting piece captured by Ingrid Budge.

Scapa Pier
[singlepic id=7]Scapa Pier, coffee can pinhole camera, 50 year old Ilford paper, ©Ingrid Budge[/singlepic]

Ingrid made this image using a homemade coffeecan pinhole camera. The paper is about 50 years old and therefore needs longer exposures. This was a 7 minute exposure, developed in Ilford chemicals, then scanned and inverted.

We chose to highlight Ingrid’s photo because of how well it shows the experimentalist nature of pinhole photography. The practice naturally lends itself to push the photographer to say “What if?” In this case, what if you used extremely old photo paper as your negative?

Ingrid can be found on Flickr and Facebook.


Get Inspired – Sunrise on Biloxi Bay

Today’s pinhole inspiration is provided by Eddie Erdmann’s amazing capture of a spectacular sunrise on Biloxi Bay.

Sunrise on Biloxi Bay
[singlepic id=3]Sunrise on Biloxi Bay, Reality So Subtle 6×17 pinhole camera, Fuji Velvia 50, ©Eddie Erdmann[/singlepic]

For this image, Eddie used his Reality So Subtle 6×17 camera with Fuji Velvia film. Eddie captured this stunning scene while standing at the top of the Biloxi Bay Bridge, which connects Ocean Springs and Biloxi, Mississippi.

We chose Eddie’s image for this piece of inspiration because it is a fantastic example of the unique movement and color that can be captured with a pinhole camera. The subject matter also plays perfectly into his choice of an ultra-wide format camera.

Eddie can be found on Twitter, Flickr, and his website.