Delio Ansovini: Still Life

At ƒ/D, our mission is to promote the art of pinhole photography. To date, we’ve been bringing daily pinhole photo features. But today we want to extend into our next branch of pinhole bliss – Artist Features!

For our first feature, we present the unique talent of Delio Ansovini! Delio was born in Parma, Italy in 1943 and spent his youth in Pavia and Vallemania. Professionally, he did his undergrad engineering studies in Pavia and Milan, before continuing with graduate studies in engineering in Canada. After 35 years working in Canada and the US, he became involved in the f295 pinhole group and was hooked on the format.

Delio Ansovini: Still Life
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Delio was chosen for our first artist feature because his artistic vision and attention to detail is extremely precise. He shows how well a simple pinhole can perform in the hands of a master. The Still Life photos were chosen because of his ability to make these simple flowers pop from the screen. In addition, Delio took the somewhat rare route of using artificial lighting in many of these photos – something rarely seen in pinhole photography.

You can find much more of Delio’s work at his Flickr page.

Publications and pinhole photography exhibitions featuring Delio Ansovini:
2008               Work published by B.J. Krummel in his book “The Pinhole Camera”
2009               Fotografia Otworkowa Poland, collective exhibitions.
2009               Work published by ‘Pot Pourri Monthly’
2010               MUSINF, Museo comunale d’arte moderna e della fotografia Senigallia, Italy “Diario Quotidiano” a collective exhibition.
2010               Work published by: Gente di Fotografia, Monthly.
2010               GOA Center Intern. Alternative Phot. India, in their catalog “The Hole New  World”.
2011               MUSINF, Senigallia,  Italy  collective exhibition.
2011               Work published by MUSINF in their catalog “Marche Stenopeica”.
2011               Pinhole Photography Competition – 1st, Object Winner ; Myrtle Str.Studio, Grange, Queensland, Australia .
2011               International exhibition  Photographie au sténopé: “Vivant!” Le Bourget,  Paris, France.
2012               Work published by the electronic monthly magazine ‘Blur Magazine ‘.
2012               International exhibition  Photographie au sténopé: “Fin del Mundo!” Centro Can Baste’,  Barcelona, Spain.
2014               New Mexico History Museum  ‘Poetics of Light: Pinhole Photography Exhibition and permanent collection.