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Get Inspired – Pinhole #4

Editor’s note: The daily pinhole photos are curated and shared to inspire and elevate the pinhole photography artform. Do you have a photo you’d like considered? Tell us about it.

Today’s featured pinhole photo focuses on nothing, and therefore everything.

Pinhole #4
[singlepic id=171 w=550]Pinhole Vision #4, ©Thomas Fitt 2015[/singlepic]

Hungarian photographer Thomas Fitt wielded his matchbox pinhole camera to make this excellent capture. By handholding and moving the camera over his wife’s flowers, he focused not on the flowers themselves, but on the emotion of the richness and color.

You can find more of Thomas’s work on Flickr, Facebook, and his personal website.

Delio Ansovini: Still Life

At ƒ/D, our mission is to promote the art of pinhole photography. To date, we’ve been bringing daily pinhole photo features. But today we want to extend into our next branch of pinhole bliss – Artist Features!

For our first feature, we present the unique talent of Delio Ansovini! Delio was born in Parma, Italy in 1943 and spent his youth in Pavia and Vallemania. Professionally, he did his undergrad engineering studies in Pavia and Milan, before Continue reading Delio Ansovini: Still Life