Lena Källberg – Decisive Movement

The potential for versatility in pinhole photography is often overlooked by the general public. Most people have an idea of pinhole images being somewhat fuzzy and flat, a poor substitute for a digital camera. Maybe a poorly exposed and dirty attempt at an otherwise normal photo. A school project to teach about light and exposure, and where photography began, before jumping straight into DSLRs and Photoshop. But then they see some of the truly inspiring pinhole work on Flickr, 500px, or a dozen other sharing sites. Or they come across some of the amazing artists that’s been featured on ƒ/D or other publications, and imaginations are opened.

Lena Källberg is a pinhole artist sure to take the imagination one step further. Her series, The Decisive Movement, taken with a handheld matchbox type of pinhole camera, brings us into the moments of our time that slip away. Many of these photos were presented in a solo show she had, called “The art of remembering exactly what it was like” – a title that was borrowed from a 1970’s Agfa Swedish advertisement. However instead of remembering “exactly what it was like” in a direct sense, her work seeks instead to recall the times we have to let go, when we cannot hold on. It is “the passing of time…not isolated to 1/125 of a second.”

Lena’s images below thoughtfully explore the evaporation of our time here; our time together. Each image is filled with a tension for what may never happen again, what should have been said, or who we’ve lost. They are wondrous language to express these emotions, and therefore a wondrous example of what pinhole can do.

After enjoying these images, you can explore more from the series, see other work on her website, or peruse the other wonderful imagery on her Swedish pinhole site.


Fan Vi Glömde Tryffel
[singlepic id=377 w=600]Fan Vi Glömde Tryffel, ©Lena Källberg 2016[/singlepic]


Herr Gårman
[singlepic id=378 w=600]Herr Gårman, ©Lena Källberg 2016[/singlepic]


Ljusets Hastighet
[singlepic id=379 w=600]Ljusets Hastighet, ©Lena Källberg 2016[/singlepic]


PicknickI Berlin
[singlepic id=380 w=600]PicknickI Berlin, ©Lena Källberg 2016[/singlepic]


[singlepic id=381 w=600]Southbound, ©Lena Källberg 2016[/singlepic]


Suit And Tied
[singlepic id=382 w=600]Suit And Tied, ©Lena Källberg 2016[/singlepic]


Vägen Hem
[singlepic id=383 w=600]Vägen Hem, ©Lena Källberg 2016[/singlepic]


Vid Trappen
[singlepic id=384 w=600]Vid Trappen, ©Lena Källberg 2016[/singlepic]



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