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June Recap

June 2016 was a great month here at ƒ/D. We spent the month mostly on educational topics, and I expect that July will be more focused on the artists. Here’s a look back on what was covered, in case you missed anything:


Pinhole No.1 - Christian Schaus - thumbWe added a healthy bunch to our collection of favorite inspiring pinhole photos. I’m happy to say that the quality of pinhole photos being produced today is, on the whole, elevating quite a bit. I’m inspired every day by your creativity!

IMG_0739We revisited the topic of smartphone apps for pinhole photography, noting some new features and a new player in the market.


Sagrada Familia - thumbWe interviewed the magnificent Jana Obscura and learned about her unique perspectives in pinhole and pinhole community.


IMG_0664-thumbWe covered the conversion of a Holga camera into a pinhole camera, demonstrating some of the techniques that are useful for other camera conversions as well.


f/D - Exploring the art of pinhole photographyFinally, we answered some of the most common questions that new pinholers have about the artform, to help the uninitiated get started.


Thanks for sticking with us! Look forward to great things coming in June and beyond!



June Recap

June 2015 saw some great pinhole action at ƒ/D! In case you missed it, here’s what happened:


Marko Umicevic - Leaning-towers - smallJune 3: We covered Marko Umicevic’s paper negative process for enhanced tonality.

June 5: We brought you Tina Rowe’s wonderful representation of movement.

June 10: We published Todd Schlemmer’s overview on 3D printing pinhole cameras.

June 12: We travelled to Alaska with Eddie Erdmann and his serene panoramic captures.

June 17: We covered the benefits of using some very feature packed apps on your phone for pinhole photography.

Pascal Grandet - _^_ - smallJune 19: We got deep in symmetry with Dikal’s pinhole photography.

June 24: We stirred the pot and looked at motion in a new way as we discussed controlling depth of field in pinhole photography

June 26: We shared Csaba Kovács’s exploration of fog and converging lines.

Finally, we’ve been delighted to continue promoting some of the best pinhole photography available:

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