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Get Inspired – River Rocks

David Cerbone provides this moody river scene for today’s inspiration.

River Rocks
[singlepic id=26]River Rocks, Zero Image 612B, Kodak T400CN, ©David Cerbone[/singlepic]

David made this capture of the Cheat River in Albright, West Virginia. It’s a beautiful part of the country and David has created a lot of excellent work studying that rugged landscape.

This photo was chosen because of how well it represents the feel you get in the river valleys of West Virginia. I’ve backpacked in the nearby Monongahela National Forest and can attest to the dreamy and misty mornings.

You can find more of David’s work on his Flickr page.

Get Inspired – Southerscales Scars

For today’s pinhole photo, we bring you Mark Rowell’s moody Polaroid shot.

Southerscales Scars
[singlepic id=17]Southerscales Scars, Zero Image 4×5, Polaroid 55, ©Mark Rowell 2015[/singlepic]

Mark shot this craggy scene in the UK, wielding his Zero Image 4×5 with the single 25mm extension.

We chose this photo for today’s feature because not only is it a great photo, but it’s a great use of large format Polaroid film. The technique enhances the feel of the tough life of this lonely tree.

Mark can be found on Flickr


A Survey of Cameras

By this point we may have inspired you to dream of making your own wonderful pinhole photos and explore how this technique might help all of your photographic endeavors. One of the first decisions to make is exactly how you might go about doing that. Never fear! While in olden times some of us had to scratch and scrape together a hodgepodge of a camera, nowadays there are very high quality cameras available for very reasonable prices. Continue reading A Survey of Cameras

Get Inspired – Forgotten Outpost

Today’s featured pinhole photo was taken by John Nelson.

Forgotten Outpost
[singlepic id=8]Forgotten Outpost, Zero Image 2000, Ilford Delta 100, ©John Nelson 2015[/singlepic]

John made this wonderful photo in Two Guns, Arizona, along Route 66. The scene can be found in the famous “Diablo Canyon” area.

We chose this image for it’s striking tonal range and unique perspective. It’s a wonderful subject for the pinhole technique!

John can be found on Flickr.


Get Inspired – LaCity

Pascal Grandet provides today’s inspiration with converging lines and a vertigo inducing perspective.

[singlepic id=6]LaCity, Zero Image 2000, Fuji Acros, 30 seconds, ©Pascal Grandet 2015[/singlepic]

Pascal captured this image with the help of his Zero Image 2000, loaded with Fuji Acros. A 30 second exposure provides the exquisite tonal scale. He’s been shooting pinhole photos for about 6 years now, and favors Fuji Acros and Kodak Portra films.

This image was featured for it’s exacting composition – from the converging lines to the row of triangles taking you ever deeper. It shows you don’t always need a viewfinder to nail a shot!

Pascal can be found on Flickr.


Get Inspired – The Temple Bar

Today’s dose of pinhole inspiration is provided by Brendan Comey.

The Temple Bar
[singlepic id=5]The Temple Bar, Zero Image 4×5, Tri-X, 20 second exposure, ©Brendan Comey[/singlepic]

Brendan captured this unique street scene with his Zero Image 4×5 with a 120 back and Tri-X film.

We chose to share Brendan’s photo because it shows how well pinhole’s unique perspective can play on a subject traditionally dominated by snappy 35mm cameras. In this case, a 20 second exposure provides a glimpse of the social activity and energy of the scene. Cheers!

Brendan can be found on his blog, Facebook, and Flickr.