CONTACTS_london_lissabon_07 - Markus Kaesler - thumb

On Travel – Markus Kaesler

Markus Kaesler is a German photographer with a level of intent to his multi exposure work that is rarely seen. As you’ll soon see, the photos below require a care in execution that is as meticulous as it is devoted. What follows are samples from two of Markus’s projects. The first, CONTACTS, are multi exposures taken from…

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Inspiration Week of 7/25

Welcome back, friends, for the latest installment of our photos to get you inspired for the weekend. Just a short set this week as coordinating things for our open Call for Entry took up a chunk of time. Hope you enjoy this set! When you’re done, there’s lots more to check out at the past…

4x5 Pinhole 
f175, L=35mm, <130 Diag.
Photo location: H.Park, Ontario 
Date:  June 2016
Film used: MACOPHOT-IR820c
 Rated ISO 25 Exposure:  30 minutes 
Filter.R72;  Lighting: None; 
Neg. Development : APH09 1+100 for 15min In a Unicolor Rotary tank, cont. reversing; water wash; Neg.scanned  1200 dpi, RGB, spotted, duotone;  framed to size.

Pinhole Infrared by Delio Ansovini

Over a year ago we presented a fantastic guest article by Delio Ansovini covering the important aspects of camera geometry in pre-visualization of your pinhole photos. Today we are rejoined by Delio as he walks us through his IR process. IR, or Infrared, is one of the more dramatic techniques available in film. Rather than…

Pinhole photo - Vanesa Henseleit - thumb

Inspiration Week of 7/18

Usually I start these weekly inspiration posts with some entertaining banter about the photos, but this week I have something more urgent. ƒ/D exists for two main reasons: to promote the art of pinhole photography and to promote those artists who – regardless of reputation or education – work with pinhole. However, because of my persistent…

On the Move - Howard Mosier - thumb

Howard Moiser – Relative Movement

Pinhole isn’t the only form of photography I practice, but it’s one of my favorite forms because of the unique creative challenges that it presents. Other forms of photography will give you controls that allow you to slow down the shutter speed and/or extend the depth of field towards infinity if you so choose. But…

Brussels Rd Point - Rue Antoine Labarre - Jeanus Loctet - thumb

Inspiration – Week of 7/11

This week’s inspirational imagery is all monochrome. I can never decide what I like more – color or black and white. Sometimes I waffle week to week – this week it’s mono 🙂 After checking out these awesome examples, I want you to do two things: Take a look at some of the other great…

NEW DAY - Michael D Hawley - thumb

Michael D Hawley – Raw Pinhole

Michael D Hawley grew up in photography. His father lugged cameras, and eventually, so did he. It’s an introduction to the art that I’m sure many of us share – I know I do.  I still have my very first photograph sitting around here somewhere – it’s a portrait of my parents and their best…

Horseshoe Bend Panoramic Pinhole - Mike Hawley - Thumb

June Recap

June 2016 was a great month here at ƒ/D. We spent the month mostly on educational topics, and I expect that July will be more focused on the artists. Here’s a look back on what was covered, in case you missed anything:   We added a healthy bunch to our collection of favorite inspiring pinhole…

Ljusets Hastighet - Lena Källberg 2016 - thumb

Lena Källberg – Decisive Movement

The potential for versatility in pinhole photography is often overlooked by the general public. Most people have an idea of pinhole images being somewhat fuzzy and flat, a poor substitute for a digital camera. Maybe a poorly exposed and dirty attempt at an otherwise normal photo. A school project to teach about light and exposure, and where…

Windy Locust - Kier Selinsky - thumb

Inspiration – Week of 6/27

This week’s inspiration set is crowded with solitude. Whether a peaceful mountain lake, a respite in blue, a hangout spot, or a summer wind in the park – pinhole delivers! After enjoying these, if you need more, head over to our archive of previous inspiration pieces. Passage Daniel Rock captured this stunning scene of Lake Louise…